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  2. If you’re interested in playing it is was on ps plus not so long ago . But if you didn’t add it , then it’s on ps now and you can get a month of that for a fiver . no idea if this helps at all
  3. robdood

    Beyond: Two Souls

    Bit of a strange bump, but does anyone have a copy of this for PS4 (or the collection incl Heavy Rain) they'd be willing to part with for a reasonable price? PM if so!
  4. Oh no...shit my dad is gonna be gutted. A massive loss
  5. Knowing the real piece of part and spotting the mistake (i.e. wearing a hat or not when then shouldn't). Made a little harder by the pieces not having their real names up front which I think is a bit of a shame for letting people do it themselves.
  6. Only 2 ways to check: Being familiar with the art yourself Using an online guide if not familiar
  7. Noob question but is there any way to know if the art is real other than checking a guide online?
  8. Upcoming Puyo Puyo Tetris (and others) tournament being organised by the PuyoGB folk:
  9. Various tournaments being organised by PuyoGB, including Tetris 99:
  10. Its impressive they pulled it off on this short notice. Masvidal was complaining about pay and in a contract dispute last I heard so they must have got all that sorted quickly too. I like Jorges guts for taking it but Usman is a tough fight for anyone even with a full training camp, so I think Usman will grind it out but Masvidal having his moments.
  11. That was an amazing race. Felt like I was battling like that for the whole 12 laps. Bad luck for @Batmobile on the last corner - out of fuel?
  12. It was, and it’s still got a respectable number of players, but it’s dipped since it was breaking records and unfortunately the way the queues are set up was designed around having two million players and doesn’t really work with 200k. So bots are their best solution without removing whole modes or styles of play.
  13. I can’t say I agree with these two comments at all. Firstly, I don’t get this idea of a character doing something the player doesn’t want them to. We do that in games all the time and most of them without good reasons. Here the reasons are present at least, whether you agree with them or not. As for the second point, I don’t understand how you can compare an artistic process to unmasking internet abuse and death threats by a bunch of lunatics. Many artists and researches, actors, directors, musicians, writers or whole movie crews put themselves through difficult processes in order to find an accurate and realistic representation of what they want to portray or express with their art. Is it a difficult job? Sure is. Should we improve on employee support? A 100%. But this is the process of videogames, not Druckmann’s.
  14. I’m behind the times on da yute dem argot obviously, is cringe what people say for amazing now? If so I agree, the bit in the mansion was utter cringe!
  15. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    I have fond memories of playing GTA3 on the original Xbox, blasting such hits as GLC'S "Half man, half machine" from the in car radio.
  16. I sold mine back in 2002/2003 for £41. to be honest, I found it a little meh. I’ve got it in my MacBook for playing through openemu at some point.
  17. Masvidal really is taking the Connor approach better than most of the others that have tried, generate hype and bad blood, call out everybody, then take any fight that comes your way. He's a proper wild card and at such short notice that fight could really go any way.
  18. I'd be happy to join if you can do a shorter race first. Don't hesitate to ask me to leave if i have to make room for people who want to do the endurance race/ there's isn't enough people for a second lobby though !
  19. JonsterUK Thanks, I’ve gone for that as an all-rounder sounds good. The PSN ID signing on the contract was a really nice touch! Go on then, I’ll be around tonight
  20. Phil

    Nintendo Switch

    You definitely don't want to use standard WD40 on electronics. It's designed to lubricate and to repell water. By contrast, contact cleaner evaporates almost immediately after washing the gunk away.
  21. Im playing through this for what is the third time, although those first two times i never got off disk one. So far i have just met Weapon and going through that section to gather huge materia and im not sure what to think of the game. The midgar section is great and the hours flew by. Loved the way it looked, played, the story etc. But as soon as you leave midgar the pace slows to a crawl at points, it's not always clear where to go next (with a beyond useless map) and i feel like its just meandering a lot. If im honest at points im betting a little bored. Theres some odd section in the game too from the snowboarding to the mountain climbing where you kinda see what they tried to do but it all feels a bit experimental and hashed together. Time certainly hasn't been kind to this i feel. Thankfully the modern versions allow for the 3X speed (and to disable battles) which i am beyond thankful for as some battles require it and sometimes just walking across a screen or exploring would have been a huge chore otherwise. Im going to see this to the end but have to wonder how many people left this game at the end of disc 1 never to return.
  22. Jg15

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers guys, I already have the standard WD40 (blue and yellow can) so will get some Contact Cleaner as the blue and yellow only helps with lubrication according to this video from WD40 themselves (probably wanting to sell more cans of their stuff at the expense of us poor Switch owners)
  23. Didn't he famously not write the music that was actually used in the Thing? I seem to remember Carpenter wrote his own, and only used little bits and pieces of the stuff Morricone did. Probably explains why it sounds so much like Carpenter's music.
  24. Welcome on board @SneakyNinja! And you to @mrben09! I second @Dudley's statement - you learn as you go. And with a select group of forumites you'll learn even quicker. I have played racing games with a wheel since Forza 2 in 2007...and I'm still getting my ass handed to me, and learning from it.
  25. Bit of a bump. Just seen this now goes for $1000 in the US on ebay! That is so crazy. Although the UK isn't doing too badly at around the £300 mark. I remember for years this game held a value of around £70-£90 till around 2015 when it slowly started creeping up in price and the past year has doubled that price again. I really should get around to playing my copy at some point too...
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