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  2. I may get this digitally, far more likely to get more play time that way. Any idea of the download size?
  3. Tim Rogers loves Judgement / Judge Eyes so this video feels so wholesome and great:
  4. Was it? I hope you were being sarcastic.
  5. I rewound it too, couldn’t believe the shot wasn’t cut out. I think it was deliberate too.
  6. Less ‘inspired’ more blatantly remaking a classic. Seriously it’s note for note. Surely Square Enix still have it under copyright? Although I guess Bloodstained is the same kind of thing and they seem to have gotten away with it. Its relying entirely on you knowing what game it’s inspired by. If you do and you were a fan then it just jumped straight to the top of your wanted list
  7. krenzler


    They will be. With some delay. What just happened with the Zelda run?
  8. I find it hard to imagine that the 3D one will be the best version.
  9. Progress! I sense I'm possibly coming towards the end now.
  10. I've got the vertical version of the ldk handheld and it's pretty damn good. Allegedly it'll play some PlayStation titles though I've not tried it myself, and the only issue I really have with mine is the snes emulation is a bit iffy especially if the snes cart had custom chips, but hopefully that'll get better over time. Plus overclocking it gets round some of the issues with that. But for old handheld emulation it's great. An working through links awakening on it at the moment and gba, master system, nes and genesis emulation all seem to be spot on.
  11. I just found 3D to be a gimmick and made everything darker and seemed lower res back in the day, we had a 3D plasma with 4 sets of glasses and always bought 3D versions of films but really it was for the kids as they loved it but can’t say I’ve missed it at all since we changed telly. I guess I was wondering if IMAX 3D is the best looking version, Odeon here are suggesting its 2D or IMAX 3D with no IMAX 2D option if that makes sense - plenty of other films are being shown in IMAX 2D! Sorry for derail, I’m not a big Spider-Man film fan but really liked the MCU one and pretty hyped for this one so wanted to see it at its best, we have Vue, Odeon and Picture house here but not on at Picture house, no IMAX at Vue hence my question - I’m out of the loop as for past decade 90% of films we’ve seen have been with kids, neglected stuff we’ve wanted to see but getting back into it all.
  12. Android version out soon. But no premium player bonus sadly.
  13. Bugger, I've been looking for something to showcase ARcore, having just got a phone with it. Let us know if you make an android version, but all the best anyway!
  14. Yeah, I guess it does show its roots as a mobile game plus small dev.
  15. Despite hoping chaos rules in Splatoon 3, I’ve gone with Team Order for the Splatocalypse because Team Chaos will probably ink the walls and attempt to arrange squid parties.
  16. I do get it's a homage. But there's a significant difference between how Outrun got refreshed as an homage and a new better game, and this.
  17. Nice! Still tootling along as an Arcanist, level 26 but it's not moved up for a while, which suits me fine, as I am questing away. On my way to do an MSQ....grab a Choccobo first. OK, now to that quest, but I see there's an unlock quest...Palace of the Dead. OK, will look at that later. Back to the quest....another unlock is over there though. Yay, now I have a sightseeing log as well! Right seriously, on to the quest. But there is an Aetheryte teleport nearby I am not attuned to yet, a levequest unlock test to do.... There is so much to do in this. I've doing level 20 MSQs and I still get sidetracked all the bloody time, in a good way though. Not working at the moment, so the game is keeping me sane, I'll be lost tomorrow with a day of maintenance.
  18. Like Lotus Turbo Challenge! Minus the collecting stuff.
  19. A thread dedicated to Neo Turf Masters! Wonderful stuff. I really love this game. It's the style and vibe of it all for me - art direction, jazzy music, chilled-out-on-the-surface-yet-encouraging-you-to-push-to-the-limit. Bloody Nazca they're so good. One of the few games that Mrs. A likes as well!
  20. I realise a bit that comparing it to Outrun Online (essentially the best game ever) is probably inherently unfair, but I just don't get why you'd make an 80s style racer like that, obviously be aware that that Outrun exists, and deliberately not take any pointers from it. It's got all this terrible inherited-from-being-a-mobile-game crap of collecting stuff on the track, no vistas to look at, and no handling model to speak of. Press left and right, bounce terribly off cars and street furniture, make no decisions at bends, other than to let off the gas a little.
  21. Disclaimer: I work at PlayStack as a Product Director. The views and opinions included in this post or any other post belong to me and do not necessarily mirror the views and opinions of the PlayStack. Ok legal bit out of the way. Shameless self promotion ahead... This game is a labour of love with a fantastic development team based in Costa Rica. We created this together based on my hair brained concept of creating an Augmented Reality party game for iOS. This game was created on a tiny budget by 2 devs one artist and me! It's been an amazing ride with all the highs and lows the ebb and flow of game Dev has to offer. So ... As part of the pain of creating a fun game in mobile, making any money is near impossible... Sometime you need to make drastic changes! The update that goes live tomorrow dramatically changes how we try to make money. To stop my early adopters from feeling like they've lost something in the transition I'm making them all 'premium players'. So if you bought a mini game in the currently live build on the Apple Appstore you will have all the benefits of being a subscriber for free. I must stress you have to buy one of the minigames for this to work, other purchases wont make you a premium player. The game is currently only local multiplayer over WiFi. However tomorrows update will be full online multiplayer, with private (coded lobbies) You can see a little more about the game including the amazing video Apple created for one of their featuring slots. Apple Video Download link Link to Apple Appstore What does it mean to be a 'premium player'? In tomorrows update regular players will be awarded 3 tickets per day to play in tournaments and can play the daily challenge this is all free. If you want more tickets you can buy them, watch an Ad or become a subscriber. Becoming a subscriber gives you unlimited tournament tickets, you can play any of mini game challenges and you get NO ADS. Becoming a premium player is basically becoming a subscriber without paying a subscription! So if you fancy a bit of fun and want to get free unlimited access to multiplayer tournaments buy a mini game before 3pm tomorrow, install the update - panic, think I've tried to con you, then remember to go into settings (cog on the main menu) and select 'restore purchases' you'll become a premium player. If for some reason it all goes pete tong... I'll make sure you get sorted. (trust me mobile dev is a nightmare of systems that often bite you on the arse at the worst time!) I wouldn't post this if I hadn't tested it on myself first though. Cheers Quexex PS I did check that it was OK to do this
  22. Is it meaningfully different from the phone game? That was a typical decent phone game. Fun enough but disposable.
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