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  2. Mr. Gerbik

    Spider-Man PS4 - Insomniac swings into action!

    Just unlocked the platinum trophy on this. Usually I don't bother with achievements, but that's saying everything about how much I enjoyed this. After a somewhat lacklustre start, the game gets better and better as you master the swinging and combat. The open world is gorgeous, and the core gameplay is just so goddamn fun that in the end it didn't matter that the side missions and collectibles were straight out of Ubisoft game design 101. Any excuse to swing about and beat up groups of goons! Fantastic stuff, or rather - amazing. A spectacular game Biggest downside: the stealth bits with the others. Bloody hell. The lab stuff was also shit, but way less annoying.
  3. RubberJohnny

    Star Citizen - Fishing for Space Whales

    Anyway, they delayed their netcode, y'know, the core component for the MMO. 6 years into development. Citizens in full damage control mode. This was originally due Dec 2016, along with the rest of the Star system, we're now approaching the end of 2018 and they still don't have it done. In fact, if you go back to the very first monthly report from Feb 2014 almost everything they're currently trying to deliver is the same as back then: But if you just live on the diet of videos CIG put out, you never actually put any of this stuff into context, it's all just "coming soon" every week, and community expectation management and bullshit and ship sales.
  4. This is great, spent my evening playing Catselvania, Super Mario All Paws, Meowtroid, Fatal Furry, Pusst-A-Move, Sim Kitty and Tapeworm Jim
  5. Straps

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    I thought that was the poorest I'd seen in a while. Got some great laughs near the end but mostly didn't do it for me.
  6. Fierce Poodle

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

  7. The Eagle Lord

    Pokemon Go

    I went with this
  8. About half way, I think.
  9. DeciderVT

    Joker origin film - Joaquin Phoenix Confirmed

    I love the look. The way he snaps out of the grin and goes stone-faced at the very end is promising.
  10. JPL

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    Who are David and Dan? And why didn’t they get them in from the beginning if they’re so good?
  11. mdn2

    Nintendo Switch

    https://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-fulfills-wish-of-terminal-cancer-patient-to-play-smash-bros-ultimate/ Nintendo let a terminally ill patient play the E3 build of Smash Brothers Ultimate because he was worried he wouldn't be around for the finished product in December.
  12. gossi the dog

    Paying to Play 'Early'

    It’s cheaper. Thus I’m in the guilty camp for “saving” money.
  13. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    Whats good against Mewto? Just about to go to a raid and need my team to be good :p
  14. JohnC

    Marvel's Eternals

    Chloé Zhao got the directing gig. She directed (and wrote) The Rider. Can't say I'm familiar with it. Seems it went down well with critics and audiences.
  15. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    It certainly looks and plays well in the demo, portable Dark Souls at last!
  16. Adrock

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Anyone read the Aluko article on the Guardian site? She completely forgot to mention Henderson, which was strange considering her point was about the midfield workhorses toiling away whilst the front three get the plaudits. It was crap.
  17. Meatball

    Forza Horizon 4 - Open-UK Racing

    FFS! I have to put up with you on Trials and now you're all up in the Forza too After a slow start I been giving the demo a bit of a blast yesterday and today. I wasn't expecting any different, but bloody hell it's great innit. Blasting around the dirt off-road track race, so much fun and intense racing action... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/meatball46/video/60744617 Hmm...buying an X to get the 4k goodness is a bit excessive isn't it? I mean it already looks damn lovely on my S with the HDR, but it's tempting me
  18. Dirty Harry Potter

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    I think it’s really telling Ryan’s new trilogy isn’t mentioned in that statement.
  19. sandman

    A movie watchers blog

    All time
  20. deKay

    The Arcade Ten

    I think if I made another list today it’d be 90% different to the one I made yesterday.
  21. TehStu

    Paying to Play 'Early'

    Not sure it's always idiotic, doesn't FH4 ultimate add up to the full cost of the individual bits? Plus a couple of days early access. Not that I've ever bought a game with early access, I rarely buy games on launch.
  22. Keyboard Koala

    Katamari Damacy

  23. The timing is spectacularly bad for me as my dissertation is due next week and I talk about Infiltration in it.
  24. It's still not good game design. They could have easily told a story and kept the game moving.
  25. They're as bad if not worse than some of these scummy loot box pushers. They know some poor saps are in for a fair chunk of change so will dig even deeper to get the game released in desperation. You're in for a couple of hundred and are worried it's gonna go belly up, that would be horrible and a waste of your investment in the game. But no worries you can help push the game across the line and buy some overpriced spaceships. So out comes the credit card and your in for even more cash. Rinse repeat. They're taking the piss whether they want to make a great game or not. Just fucking pull your finger out and deliver what you promised. Pyramid scheme regardless of being able to pootle about in some unfinished demo. The pricing of these ships and other tat are pure whale bait.
  26. TehStu

    Star Citizen - Fishing for Space Whales

    Not going to lie, I've probably spent 20 quid + 5-10 bucks on stuff sat in my pile of shame, but at least they're released titles. I don't think it's necessarily a scam, but the subsequent class action suit, where we find out how all this ballooning scope was paid for, will be fascinating.
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