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  2. Yeah, the game has got its hooks well and truly into me now. I have a Dragon Longsword +2 that is outperforming anything else I pick up or upgrade.
  3. After being stuck on the TK for the better part of two days... I finally got him tonight and then went on to do the spider in one run too. What a game!
  4. Rebels is brilliant. I think it really benefits from filoni being able to have his own roster of characters. Every one of them has something going for them, and they all get a good crack of the whip, story-wise. I loved Clone Wars but I’m more fond of rebels.
  5. Loved driving through brick lane, it feels exactly like I know it (a few bits missing here and there), my favourite bar doesn’t exist but nice to know that salt beef bagels are still available in dystopian London. It’s not all bad. So is Box Park and Dinerama strangely enough. It’s good tourism and a nice diversion from the endless tired American city clones that fill this type of open world game. Another nice touch was was jumping onto the London eye and finding its actually functioning!
  6. Update: The little shit claims he has no pack luck yet got Neymar this morning from rank 3 rivals rewards!
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  8. Argos have a load of PS4 titles very cheap in the Black Friday sale (lots of the classics - not all PS+ Collection ones either - for £6.99). I've just picked up Death Stranding for £13.99 which is as cheap as I've seen it... https://www.argos.co.uk/list/great-prices-on-ps4-games/?tag=ar:search:m020:ps4gamesbf
  9. PK


    https://www.instagram.com/p/CH-2E1mh7NJ/ Amazing
  10. It's amazing and has stuck with me a lot longer than I thought it would.
  11. So defeated the first boss first time! I then decided to level up and push on through the same level and finally discovered what the TK abbreviation stands for. I’ve so badly got its number.
  12. Just picked this up from Argos for £13.99 in the Black Friday sale is anyone is interested. Might end up being my Christmas game so I can confuse my in-laws.
  13. I might just make a new character on there and say hello.
  14. They also went over it on PS5 and it brought an interesting comparison where the XSX runs the game at 900p because that is what it ran at on XB1 but 1080p on PS5 due to PS4 being slightly more powerful last gen. Really interesting to see that those last gen games which did have resolution differences carry forward. Would be nice if someone somewhere could just boost a few bits here and there on those games, because I am certain they could both run it at 4k.
  15. McCoy

    Formula One - 2020

    Hamilton definitely deserves a knighthood. Unquestionably. Equally, I'm also not of the view that most sports persons deserve a knighthood during their career and that it is often better awarded at the end of their career. But 7 championships, breaking every other meaningful F1 record and championing the causes he is - yeah, he deserves it this year.
  16. Not sure there's a natural thread for this post, but it's a curiosity worth sharing if you wondered what Robert Ashley was up to these days:
  17. This is so long. I'm now in Sussex and it's beginning to wear a bit thin. Might give up on it.
  18. Exotic sparrow you get for completing the triumph by Sounds like it could be a right pain in the ass. Probably worth doing before they patch out the glitch/exploit though.
  19. Nice to see you chaps sorting it out. Life is too short, and crikey this year has biffed many of us! Physically I am like Jabba the hut with legs... Anyway, is anyone else still holding hope for a Blooming Bloodborne patch? Would love it like. Would also like to see them bring some of the old PS1/2 classics back like the PS3 days. I mean, I may aswell purchase another copy of Alundra for flips sake. Also, Devil May Cry 5 is an absolute banger on the machine. Even the trigger for Nero's weapon feels too damn good, even if I come off the game feeling like I h
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  21. Well, that's a good resolution to all this.
  22. I wish I hadn’t watched this. Grim in the extreme.
  23. He should be but I can't see it, Lawwell would be admitting he got it wrong. There's little doubt Rangers are stopping the ten this season. 2 wins in 9 games, dear god man.
  24. You'll get the official Rllmuk awards review of it eventually (assuming enough people vote for it) but suffice it to say, I've played it on PC without VR but with a flightstick, and it's second only to Hades for me this year. And this is coming from someone that considers Tie Fighter one of my favourite games of all time. Single player is fairly short, but multiplayer is a blast. For £20 it's a steal. More people need to buy it so we can form Rllmuk Squadron.
  25. Started this tonight and only played for a half hour or so (hope it saved!) so very quick impressions. Looks great, driving is terrible, combat seems weird, London is pretty recognisable which is good. Does feel Incredibly rushed though.
  26. Guernica (PC98) - Battle 2 - Composer Gou Adachi
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