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  2. Tempted by the Castlevania and Contra collections but I wish they had rewind functionality. I've enjoyed that with the SNES games on the Switch.
  3. FozZ

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Woohoo! Playable on the Vive and other setups, not just Index! Looks fantastic! They've messed up on their website though, the video opens one for Artifact.... Edit: And now it's fixed, lol.
  4. Lottie will propose an idea that flirts around the concept of grinding up poor people for fertiliser with a work culture that borrows heavily from feudalism and win funding on the spot.
  5. PK

    Half-Life: Alyx

  6. I must have dropped a rivals reward level without noticing. Was expecting 17500 coins, got 2500 and a gold pack. I'm not doing the lottery this week that's for sure.
  7. https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/turkey-recipes/bbq-and-grilled-turkey-recipe I've cooked a turkey before on a Weber kettle using the snake method following those instructions. One thing I would say is that there's way too much liquid in that gravy recipe. I had to use one of those disposable turkey trays to hold it all and that completely messed up the flow of air through the kettle. That meant I couldn't get it up to 325°F so the cook ended up taking almost two hours longer than it should have. Still nice in the end but obviously not what it should be. And the turkey gravy was too smoky for anyone to enjoy. The second time I just used a standard drip sized drip tray half filled with water. Got the kettle up to temp, and holding temp, way easier so the bird cooked on time and was delicious. Not what I'd consider a traditional BBQ taste but universal thumbs up. No gravy that time but I'm sure there's good recipes out there for using the giblets and trimmings to make a cook gravy. Fake Edit: I see they've added instructions for using a slow n sear. Which is nice.
  8. K

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Giving the game to Index owners is no weirder than bundling games with a console, surely?
  9. PK

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Oh god what if it comes out today
  10. I'm a fan of the Disc. A huge fan. There's things here that ring alarm bells for me. Changing characters wholesale, in more than just aesthetics, changing the point of characters, tinkering with the fundamentals... It feels off, like the writers are using the skin of something beloved to do something else, which I never like. And certainly as a fan I don't. The books are gospel. I don't have much issue with taking the characters and doing something faithful but new with them in a new medium - having new adventures with those characters, showing more of the day to day life of those characters, etc etc. I'm not even that bothered with gender flips in an adaptation, where it isn't fundamental to a character or of who they are (Vimes as a woman I don't think works for instance, Angua as a man is a different kind of character etc etc). This just whiffs of something that isn't that interested in being faithful. I take the point that trying to ape Pratchett is a fools errand.
  11. My son packed IF Hazard for his club from division 10 rivals rewards , jealousy levels are through the roof since the best I got from mine was Fahrmann
  12. Probably true. But i bought the quest because its a standalone system and because i dont have a PC. Thats the entire point of the ething for the average consumer.
  13. Those guys have enough pace already, I'd use a Sniper on them, or Marksman. Pace only serves you so much without agility, so you're better off boosting that. Hunter only boosts finishing by 5 as well.
  14. 5R7

    Google Stadia

    to answer your question, nothing can run it at 4k 60 maxed out. They have put forward thinking options in there for the future. a 2080ti will do 4k60, at xbox x settings with a few enchantments that make it look better still. DF went through it and found some really optimised settings to get the best out of :-
  15. Shin'ens new game is out. The touryst I think it's called.
  16. See, I missed both of those!
  17. Virtua Racing and Katamari each going down to 50% off sounds good to me. I keep hoping for a decent reduction on MK8 Deluxe in one of these sales, so I can pawn in my physical copy and just always have it at the ready. Type of game I’d continually fire up on the go if it was installed, but cannot necessarily be arsed digging out the game disc to play.
  18. I find lists that long so hard to parse! But I was keeping an eye on Super Mega Baseball at least. I'll probably miss something, despite attempting to use a wishlist for these things.
  19. PK

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Makes sense, they're trying to use it to shift Index units.
  20. I did get a totw lainer. Is it best to keep the totw players for the SBC's?
  21. I think I've misspoken here as I don't disagree at all. Again with Cruces I'm not bothered about a gender swap. It wouldn't be how I'd do it but it wouldn't push me away either. My issue is the age and type of actress they've gone for. Cruces has to be older, the nature of a guild head is of someone who has risen above their peers and gained their respect, which inevitably in most cases is going to be an older person. Casting a young person doesn't work for that. It does very much feel like them wanting to bump the eye candy factor.
  22. Might put it on Vardy, or maybe Werner?
  23. Cancel that, it's untradeable. Of course it is.
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