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  2. That's great news will have to get that on download
  3. Ooh, could I take the Knights Helmet, and gift pile please?
  4. I actually could have got one today if I hadn’t been working. I refreshed Game twice in a row. Second time, it was there. So I was on the page at the very second it arrived. Only, I was teaching online at the same time so had to get back to my students. I’m shit at multitasking. Got in the queue eventually but as it was minutes later I doubt I’ll get one.
  5. Sainsbury's?! Oh man, I'm in trouble. Also scrambled eggs is a genius idea.
  6. Watch me miss my 30minute window cos I’m queuing on my phone
  7. I think the best way to enjoy gamepass is to forget about trying to extract maxiumum value from it, just ask yourself what do you want to play at any given moment and then do that, even if a different game is leaving gamepass. Even if you've already completed a game but want to play it again, even if there's a new critically acclaimed game just been added to gamepass, even if the game you want to play isn't on gamepass and you have to pay for it. There's way too many games to get through all of them anyway, so just play the one you want to play on any given day. Stacking up lots
  8. As much as I didn’t get on with it on my first play through, this has got me wanting to give it another go! Come on MS, make it 60fps.
  9. They said every few weeks new games would drop. I hope Dishonored 2, Prey, Origins, Odyssey, Crash Team Racing and RDR2 are among the first drops.
  10. Speaking of which we're due another batch of games this week I believe? Hopefully the likes of RDR2 will be included, I havent started it myself despite owning it for nearly 2 years!
  11. Sainsbury's had the black bean one and I've had it on scrambled eggs two days in a row. It's lovely.
  12. I still don't get how he managed to completly fuck up a Batman vs Superman film. Even with his grimdark Superman - how do you make a film with no good Superman bits, 1 good Batman bit (the Warehouse and most of that was in the trailer) and then the Batman vs Superman bits only mainly consisting of gun turrets, shouting the name of their Mums intercut with a sub plot of Lois Lane's kryptonite weapon indecision.
  13. In my expereince that usually means 'lol an hour? '
  14. Broker


    So different. The rebuild films are weird to watch in isolation, and I really think they're better viewed as a companion piece to the original than their own thing. I can't imagine how confusing 3.33 would be if you weren't really familiar with the whole of the original series, because even being familiar with the whole original series it was pretty confusing.
  15. Iv just started a vegan cooking / smoothie recipes / fitness YouTube channel. It seems to be quite popular if anyone fancies a look.
  16. Thanks I love the building on this, its so much fun. That house has gone through about 5 different revamps now.
  17. Honestly, the game is so engrossing and atmospheric I soon don't notice the FPS. I woke up in camp last night and a thunderstorm was going off, whilst uncle was jamming the fuck out of his guitar and Lenny was stabbing his thumbs off with a knife. Rev was pissed as fuck at a campfire and a prostitute was eating stew at a table. It was the most beautiful gaming moment of my life
  18. Oh, and I love/hate the (enemy type spoiler)
  19. Yes, with an few exceptions, eg Control Vs Control Ultimate Edition.
  20. Thanks! I was stoked. It even came boxed! I think I'll discard the box though as it's bloody huge. Come moving time I might want it back, I guess :/ Wow, thanks! Will check that out. EDIT: really interesting stuff! Seems half of that is not sold here (Germany) and I still have some more research to do. However, I would *love* to play my Saturn on this CRT.
  21. White House Farm Really good real life police drama featuring Mark Addy and Stephen Graham based on the murder on a family inside a farm house in the mid 1980s. Some excellent performances - well worth a watch (it's on Netflix) Outer Banks This is fucking AWFUL with a terrible cast of shit characters who can't act...... But there's a sub plot about buried treasure and a ship wreck. I'm all over shit like this - not finished it yet because it's plodding on but if there's some hard core ship wreck action, I think my patience will be rewarded.
  22. Series S consoles are in stock at Smyths: https://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/video-games-and-tablets/xbox-gaming/xbox-series-x-|-s/xbox-series-x-|-s-consoles/xbox-series-s-512gb-console/p/192247
  23. I think it's because the supporting characters are strong, and improve as the game goes on. Skizzo and Iron Mike are great, and Kouri and Garret are instantly engaging and well-acted. Deacon does crack me up though. "Ah hey Rikki, I'm er just...yeah I've just got some things....ah....okay I'll be there" and that stuff you mention where he goes all bloodthirsty at people in plaid shirts.
  24. If i transfer over my PS4 saves can I use them in the free PS5 upgrade of the game thinking do not want to redo hours put into assassin's creed valhalla ?
  25. Yeah, it's not perfectly done (those bits where Deacon is stealthing and starts screaming on about stuff because they haven't got some of the randomised encounter scripting bang on feel weird) and it has a really slow start where you don't like Boozer or Deacon, but as it plays it it does strengthen a lot.
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