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  2. Aren't they all in their own little F1 bubble at the track. So limited staff, no hospitality and everyone stays in the circuit. It's how they managed to get round Europe last year.
  3. Had we really needed the win I would have agreed, but to be fair to Matic and vdB they saw after ten minutes that they were faced with the thankless task of screening the mess behind them, and they stuck to it well (if at the expense of their own other qualities). Taking a chance in that part of the pitch would've likely seen Leicester play through us much more easily.
  4. I like this season - arenas feels really pure in that you get to properly test which weapons are best (the RE45 is so good I've starting using it in ranked). People quitting after 1/2 rounds drives me nuts though, the community in this is obnoxious (loads of hot-droppers who drop solo, die in 30 seconds and then quit even if you're in banner range) I also like world's edge - but there are definitely areas where it's chaos a lot of the time and you just constantly get third-partied or blindsided (sorting factory, fragments, used to be trainyard) so if you drop at lava city/lava fiss
  5. If only for the inevitable “yes ndidi” puns. As sky did the other week...
  6. You say that, but my girlfriend and her cousin were both trying to relive their younger days at the weekend via Mario Allstars on the Switch and they just got completely stuck at some penquin race (my girlfriend told me she has been stuck on it since Christmas, though I don't know how much actual time that encompasses). Getting to grips with platforming in a 3d world is a challenge, too.
  7. Wait till your 6 months is up then get the 3 years and upgrade for 10.99
  8. Despite all my dad’s grandparents being Irish, him and his parents were born in Glasgow which unfortunately means I’m not Irish according to their passport office. (eats another potato).
  9. If I already have game pass, what the cheapest way to top it up? I've got about 6 months left...
  10. Take a look at yourself for crying out loud. It was clearly a joke. Relying on Man United is something we have created for ourselves. So no arguments from me. Hopefully we win our games and Leicester lose one of the remaining two left. If we miss out, then it is fully deserved as we have been shocking all season. Not finishing at least second in this league is a poor return ;).
  11. I like Danny and I like @Pockets and I like House of Pain, so yay Ireland!
  12. 2nd against 3rd, United put out an XI that's never been together on a pitch before, losing to an unstoppable volley and a perfect set piece. All that while defending like...if only there was a cliche for that. Good effort.
  13. Trailer for the Big in Japan film has been released, can't link directly to it as it seems embedded into the article and can't find it on YouTube yet. Releases 18th August.
  14. I reckon this Leicester central midfield is one of the best in the Premier League. Ndidi and Tielemans would grace pretty much any team. I think we should have made changes in that area of the pitch rather than the strikers. We could have got Pogba and McTominay in there, gone to a flat three in the centre and tried to outnumber them.
  15. I do but sadly after shelling out for the console, some games and the expansion I just don't have enough cash so I'll go down the CDKeys route when my trial runs out for a few months at a time.
  16. Timmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Hang on, is this the case now? I don't remember seeing it listed.
  17. Can we sign Ndidi please? I did this 2 seasons ago on FM and it was the best move. He's so solid.
  18. Lost in my case; as I said, I’ve now bought a second hand copy off someone on here.
  19. Aren’t you going to apologise?
  20. Just because it flew right over your head doesn't mean it wasn't amazingly hilarious! I look forward to the arbiter of decency calling out trolling and abuse from Liverpool fans in the future. Anyway, this is the football thread so I'll leave it there. Good day bro!
  21. JPL

    Xbox Game Pass

    What, after coming in and specifically asking if there’s a trial for it with the console?
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