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  2. Mr Ben

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    The two best things in Aquaman. Amirite
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  4. I say

    Nintendo Switch

    Pokémon Let's Go is gorgeous, especially as I haven't played one since the original Pokémon Blue.
  5. ryanski

    Rock Band 4

  6. Comrade

    Recommend Me An Emulation Box

    Thanks for all the advice everyone. But despite the fact that no one mentioned it, I think I’m going to try hacking my Switch. I saw some YouTube videos and it seems relatively easy, and the allure of being able to play handheld and on a screen is too large. Still, I appreciate everyone helping.
  7. kerraig UK

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I enjoyed Cam. The ending didn't wholly satisfy, but a good central performance and constantly engaging.
  8. spatular

    PlayStation VR

    Seems like it’s different for everyone, but I’d class thumper among the best for lack of motion sickness too, the space beatle stays pretty still so maybe it’s the same thing and it feels like you’re still and everything is moving around you. Although yeah I agree super hot and beat saber are even better for that.
  9. dave7g

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I see on this weeks Bombcast Ben will be talking about a DOTA card game. Perfect for a good nights sleep.
  10. The system update tonight has fixed that joycon syncing issue, where it wouldn't connect after playing with the ball.
  11. Kryptonian

    Hitman 2 (2018) - Death by Rake

    There’s nothing like playing a level with some kind of super stealthy silent assassin plan in mind but you end up eliminating every guard by knocking them out with a military briefcase. Classic hitman.
  12. Mikes

    The Miniatures Appreciation Thread

    Opinions sought, guys; should I spend time blending in the colours on the shoulder badge or is close enough good enough? I'm short on hobby time, so am keen to move on, but i'm also worried it could stand out like a sore thumb.
  13. Migrating my PC account over to the Switch was as easy as can be. I simply quit the game after completing the tutorial, loaded it back up again and presto! I found myself in my old trusty Orbiter. As I've said before it does look really impressive, near identical even, and Panic Button have once again proven themselves to be tech wizards. That said handheld mode controls like absolute garbage though and the thought of playing Warframe like that for hundreds of hours is already RSI-inducing, no thank. I've no idea how well it looks and plays on the TV though but I imagine it'd be a much better experience. I wonder what the longevity for a game like this is going to be on a Nintendo console though. I can only hope our fledgling Tenno are able to take their accounts with them to whatever new platform Nintendo might have after the Switch.
  14. Yiggy

    PlayStation VR

    Mom really enjoying it so far as well it’s a tremendous bit of kit and now at a ‘oh go on then’ price.
  15. Yiggy

    PlayStation VR

    I tried Tetris in VR tonight. A pretty incredible experience I have to say. I’ve played it in 4K HDR as well but I think that for getting in the zone VR is the ultimate experience. Whats Polybius like?
  16. Fry Crayola

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Not quite. Traditional qualifying groups are played first, followed by playoffs between the best teams in each Nations League division who didn't make it. So both England and Scotland can have a second crack at qualification in March 2020 if they need to, but they don't get to play that first. England are in the semis of the Nations League as a whole, but that's only for the four winners of the top division, there's no equivalent for lower divisions, and it has no impact on Euro 2020.
  17. Tourist

    The iOS gaming thread

    Shadowverse! As played by legendary Street Fighters like Daigo, Fuudo, Justin Wong and Xian. 50 Free card packs when you download the game. Daily missions and a singleplayer story mode give you more free stuff; periodic Grand Prix events give you even more free stuff. New expansion due out at the end of the year. Etc. etc.
  18. I've got a mixture. Deadeye and Sniper are amazing for finishing boosts, a boon given my players mainly reside in the 70s. Anchor for CBs. It depends on the player. Basic for my central midfielders currently as they need to be good at all areas. I have boosts to defending and passing for my reserve left back as he isn't good at those!
  19. VN1X

    The Humble Thread

    Got the $1 pack for Pinstripe!
  20. I'm not sure I'll ever bother properly hunting shinies down.. I'll want all of them and it will take me 10 hours to find one. One shit pokemon that I'll never use.
  21. dave7g

    Beat Saber

    Finding it tough enough now, only around level 6. Making mistakes and fucking it up. It's a shame the music is dirt though.
  22. I thought this was the full package? Don't think there's more coming after the 3 books that are included here.
  23. Phelan

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    So I logged on last night and what do I get? A GIANT FUCKING PATCH!!! My Internet at home is terrible (thanks in no part to the government being fuckheads) and I get speeds on average of 3Mpbs - I took my PS4 to work last week to download the day one patch of 50GB and now another one less than a week later?: Guess I won't be playing the game for a week unless I drag my PS4 to work again.
  24. Yesterday
  25. BongoInferno

    Tales from the Borderlands - A Telltale series

    I’m listening to the soundtrack of this game again after finishing it in the last few months and just wanted to call out how much fun this game is and how brilliant the soundtrack is. I’d steered away from it having presumed that I needed to have played a Borderlands game before and it really shouldn’t have put me off. I enjoyed this more than Walking Dead 2 and Game of Thrones. If you’re on the fence and need a short palate cleanser check this out. It’s such a great sci fi story. Loads of fun and great characters. RIP Telltale. To the Top.
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