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  2. Yukihiro Takahashi's Neuromantic. One of the finest synth-pop records ever made, possibly my favourite YMO solo record.
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  4. The guy in the video isn't the guy from Teesside Uni. I worked with him on Shadowman and I don't recognise the video guy at all.
  5. Benny

    NieR: Automata

    Now I actually get it. I've just blearily finished C, D and E, and it's shot up from mediocre if enjoyable game with some silly character design, to possibly one of my games of the decade. Genuinely thought provoking stuff.
  6. Messi’s goal ratio is a staggering 0.93 per game. Eto’o, for example, managed a pretty healthy 0.75 per game for Barca, scoring 108 goals in five years, but had several knee injuries during his time at the club. Kluivert banged in 0.49 goals per game, which looks very ordinary versus Messi but is still pretty good considering the rate of some other notable recent La Liga goal scorers, like Raul (0.41), Griezmann (0.42), Benzema (0.48) or Villa (0.53) Staggeringly, Christiano Ronaldo’s rate was a ludicrous 1.07, including 34 hat tricks, in nine years. Saurez currently sits at 0.78 goals per game, which is the sixth most prolific rate in La Liga history. He’s still a snide twat though. Stats!
  7. It's definitely something that's a deliberate design choice, one that they've carried over from the first game. My experience with the Nier at first was that the world seemed large and directionless and the poor map didn't make things easier. And then I went through a phase of feeling like the game world felt small and cramped. But by the end it felt comfortable, almost homely. And with all the fetch quests it felt like I was literally adding a well worn path that had already been trodden over and over and over which makes sense with the theme of repeating cycles . It's certainly different to the post Final Fantasy 7 philosophy of wowing the player with amazing locations over and over which led to a sort of tourism arms race among the big players. But initially it's a major hurdle, I bounced off both Nier and Nier Automata at first and only hunkered down once I realised that Nier wasn't going to be added to the bc list and I needed to play my copy before my 360 died or lose the opportunity.
  8. According to the YakYak forums yes. There's just been some delays.
  9. Anyone else getting mad stutter when you aim down sights? I'm supposedly getting 60-90fps but it's clearly stuttering while those frame rates are being reported.
  10. Goose


    Been watching more of the cut content videos. I’m amazed at the amount of work that has gone into not only restoring some of this content so we can see in-game what it would look like, but also how much work From put into things, and then chose not to use. The snippets of dialogue, completely unused NPCs and minor (and major) enemies, is amazing.
  11. It never occurred to me to do this. I've got ultimate through 2022, have 32k points I was just going to blow on 3 months ultimate, and just keep doing that. But I should save the lot and slice a chunk of change off a Scarlett. Thanks!
  12. Moz

    Gears 5

    So far I'm really not feeling the praise for this. None of the encounters are well designed, they seem to have forgotten the core loop of Gears cover shooting and are instead trying to make a more generic Uncharted/Tomb Raider without really thinking about what made gears unique. It's either a lifeless cakewalk or you're completed mobbed, but nothing ever kills you because it's extremely forgiving. They've diluted the focus of Gears by adding a load of pointless guff (seriously, this is the most pointless inclusion of an open world ever) which somehow makes it feel more dated then if they'd just laser focused on the shooting. Pointless stealth sections in a Gears game? No thanks. The tone is bizarre too, swinging from Borderlands tier parody to child torture while the completely forgettable cast do an empty impression of chemistry and bravado. The whole thing feels extremely toothless and unnecessary. Imagine if they'd looked at vanquish for inspiration instead of "every single triple-A release in 2017.
  13. Just jumped down from taking to Lilith, pressed Square to get into my car and freeze and crash screen. Back to PS4 menu. Also seen some enemies walking through rocks, making them unshootable. Enjoying it though.
  14. It's a French series about a young woman who has been writing successful horror novels with the inspiration of her recurring nightmares about a witch, Marianne. When she decides to stop writing about her after 15 years, her nightmares return with a vengeance, seemingly intersecting with her real life, thus forcing her to return to her hometown to find out what is happening. I know, doesn't really sound like anything new, but I'm 4 episodes in and very pleasantly surprised. There are some wonderfully eerie scenes that truly manage to build suspense. Without spoiling anything, there is also an actress who is very, very good at being the creepy grandma of nightmares.
  15. Is anyone on here still playing this? Big update this week with what is basically four battle passes layered on top of each other. Not for everyone, but exactly what I need to make RDR Online work for me. Suddenly, the general milling around I like to do is rewarded in a way it wasn’t before. So definitely worth a try if you’ve been interested in just exploring more and being in that world. Of course, there’s the buy in. With the PS exclusive unlock, Twitch Prime, and a stock of gold (that just seems to have come from very occasionally playing over the past few months), it wasn’t a big deal. But for all the internet ‘omg they’re trying to make us pay gold to play’, I thought it was all pretty fair given the Catch 22 of ‘We need people to feel like they’re investing into something’ and ‘We need this new content to be accessible and get people in deeper’.
  16. Yesterday
  17. Wondering if the Paul Docherty mentioned in the first post is the same 'Doc' I had as a tutor at Teesside university in 2003 (and later years), back when there was one real games course called Games Design (and you had to tailor your module selection to a code, design or art route). Makes me want to try and find a song a friend recorded about him at the time called 'Lord Vertex'. Edit: just found the Kickstarter page with a pic of him. Unless he solved baldness, it's not. Shame.
  18. Came to post pretty much the list! I’ll contribute Triangle.
  19. Thought this was just okay. I think, after Endgame, I feel like I'm done, it feels like the story is done. Rather than feeling like the next exciting chapter in the MCU saga, this seemed like an epilogue, the last dying breath of the MCU. I'm at my absolute limit now watching another boring action scene full of swooping cameras and weightless CGI. I mean, the bubble's got to burst right, at some point? Like it did for buddy cop movies and erotic thrillers?
  20. Aquaman 3/5 Ralph breaks the Internet 4/5 black hawk down 5/5
  21. It's definitely not optimised well for consoles. PC has been smooth sailing for me bar a couple.of tiny, inconsequential bugs, mainly involving the map. Feels.like Control again.
  22. Do you have Hollow Knight? If not - Hollow Knight.
  23. I’d say The Muppets (2011) is their best by far. Laugh-out-loud funny, brilliant songs and not a parody of existing material. And an Automatic Destroy Plumbing Business button.
  24. Little bit left field choice but if you've got amazon prime, The Man from Earth is worth a watch, I think it was recommended on here. Sort of sci-fi, sort of philosophy, super low budget, but I watched it when I was ill and found it very entertaining.
  25. This is the game I dreamed of as a child whilst playing those old Flash pixel physics games; so I've been looking forward to this one for a while! Not to mention it's a Roguelike and has got some steller indie devs behind it (Baba is Me, Crayon Physics and The Swapper). Trailer: Gameplay: Coming to Early Access September 24th. https://store.steampowered.com/app/881100/Noita/
  26. Half an episode more than me. Don't give two shits if that girl completed the course or not. A really annoying show.
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