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  2. So much new stuff out today!
  3. Ben fans are definitely more Packleds.
  4. From the telegraph A 50% pay cut is €20m a year, would he not just take an 80% pay cut and earn like €8m a year?
  5. Yesterday was womens quals and today was mens finals, so I assumed it to be because of that. I didnt see mens quals so cant say for certain though. And yeah, ditto the above. Climbing is usually way more collaborative than competitive (even at international event level) so it's not surprising to see them immediately start discussing their theories about how to solve a certain problem the moment they hit the mat. Also enjoy the massive deja vu of seeing them all doing the hand-motions while staring up into the air. As an aside, a lot of discussion from the commentators about the route-setting philosophy for the games, seems like they're going balls out and trying to build something that would challenge the strongest in the field. Don't think they've ever mentioned what font grade the lead climb might get if it was a regular route down your local centre, however. Must be a 9-something.
  6. PSG got to be favourites I suppose. Man City maybe in with a shout what with the Pep connection (and the billions of pounds floating around of course). USA maybe? Juventus would be fun if it meant Messi and Ronaldo in the same team.
  7. I haven't played them but Ghostrunner and Boomerang X are supposed to be very stripped down first person action games.
  8. Did Villa make Grealish cut his hair as part of the deal!? Millions of hearts crushed by a hairdresser
  9. Grealish gonna go from a shit FIFA card to 90 rated in one transfer window.
  10. The Accent Point and click adventure about the trials and tribulations of a scotsman in London.
  11. Dead by daylight , tetris 99 , teris effect, mario maker.. A lot of the others I'd recommend have already been mentioned
  12. My Scan order is due in a couple of weeks, and I must admit I am now wondering if I can make a last minute amendment to step up the 3060 to something with a bit more oomph. I knew something like this might happen when I put the order through, but I suppose if I'd have waited til now I wouldnt be getting it for another couple of months, so.... *shrug*
  13. When did you register? EDIT: OH! I got one too. In my junk mail from this afternoon.
  14. See also the climbing. They all were standing around talking to each other about how to approach the wall. Seemed extremely good natured.
  15. Yeah this is perfect when you want to just immediately play something for a bit
  16. I'm shocked and delighted by this, I thought he decided to stay? Like it was finished?? He agreed a like 5 year contract didn't he? Something major must have happened??* After last year when it seemed we might see him in the premier league i was gutted it was back to seeing his final years be exactly the same as the last 4, pulling Barcelona through games then getting humiliated in the Champions League where a highly functioning cohesive sharp team is needed to compete and win. I want to see a rejuvenated Messi, I'd get an enormous amount of joy out of seeing him in the premier league, it's embarassing. Seeing Foden play with him. After last season when his kids were extremely upset and he finally won a trophy with Argentina I thought he'd settled with Barcelona's current state, play with some youth coming through (like Pedri who he loves to play with) and Aguero, his best mate, and see how it goes. He definitely wants to play in the MLS because America fascinates him so if he just jumps to there already then forget all the excitement. And PSG...i don't care for Ligue 1. *oh financial and structural difficulties, ok.
  17. Today
  18. England seem to have a problem with keeping proper quicks fit. Stone hasn’t been seen since the first NZ Test and Wood has had issues as well. I think as soon as they get genuine pace they just bowl them into the ground. Should be used for short spells only like Australia did with Johnson.
  19. Yeah, that’s going to be on the pile of shame for the foreseeable
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