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  2. For £50 that is an amazing bargain! Good work. Enjoy!
  3. It’s a site for scalpers to sell stuff to people with more money than sense.
  4. He’s decided to stick to what he knows by playing a creepy predator?
  5. I played some of SE2 on console, kind of enjoyed some of it but found the controls really clunky and ultimately the gameplay loop very repetitive. Tried SE4 and found it identical bar the addition of cavernous levels and loads of enemies, both of which detracted from the limited enjoyment I found in SE2. Eurogamer’s Essential made it sound fantastic and on paper right up my street but not sure if I’m prepared to give it another go. At least not at full price.
  6. I did a thing…. While looking on facebook market place for bucket seats this turned up….brand new, local to me for £50 so while it isnt going to be as good as a Sparco I think its a bargain! He said it was the XL one and I wasnt as keen so to get it home and find its the RS6 version is a bonus!! Just waiting on the rear frame for the wheelstand now!
  7. Well, after looking at that trailer, I’m glad it answered the moral dilemma as to whether to watch it or not.
  8. I'm 18 hours into NG+. 3 of those hours were against Malenia and I've spent the last 3 hours fighting (and getting hammered by) EB lol
  9. Watched it this evening. It was superb. Cheesy American Schmalz. Utterly predictable, but hugely enjoyable
  10. I stopped paying attention to XP ages ago and I maxed out at lvl 500 recently, so can't say much about XP gains. Basically keep performing decently and your XP chugs along nicely. As for the battle pass, when I go for them I usually finish them or get close to it, and I haven't noticed a change in how many rewards it dishes out over time in terms of stars. Do your dailies, reroll any in modes you don't like. Work towards the weekly challenges as they dish out meaty star amounts. You also get stars for gaining XP so just by playing you will make minor income that way. In terms of timescale I have managed to grind out an entire battle pass in under 2 weeks (mainly playing in the evenings) so its not too strenuous - but I am fairly decent at the game so I find it easier to earn faster XP and complete kill/placement challenges faster than a new player probably will. I really don't know about how the XP rewards are in Arena but it would seem logical that you should get XP more consistently from it - because in Battle Royale your kills might be limited (although you do get a lot of bonus XP for placement and time spent alive). Probably worth Googling. Arena is also a great way to get familiar with different weapons and learning fundamentals like cover and hipfire so its never a bad thing. I usually only play Arena though when I'm going for battle pass challenges, but some of them are quite meaty so you can end up in Arena for an hour or two even for dailies.
  11. Saw it today in imax. What a film. Even better than the original. More aerial sights to be seen and the final act was thrilling.
  12. Holy shit. Proper SOV me and my mates made a film vibe.
  13. As someone who played the original arcade game and owned a Colecovison plus that cartridge, I have to declare that version to be excellent. I would venture, that it's even more faithful to the arcade version than the Colecovision version.
  14. Yeah one of the best things about this show is every character is smart, in fact Saul seems the least aware of what's really going on, despite often being the protagonist. So often on this forum we are moaning about characters being stupid to serve the plot.
  15. Not seen anything else yet. We always seem to be late.
  16. Chelsea then. Have they been allowed to write off a huge loan or did the purchase price cover it.
  17. That was really good. I liked the way that Howard figured out Jimmy’s plan immediately after he sprung it, and got all the details right as well. He even pretty much convinces Cliff, even though Cliff knows it’s irrelevant whether he’s right or wrong. I like it when characters in fiction are surprisingly, but realistically, clever. That was clever exposition too, in that it explains Jimmy’s deception without it seeming clumsy. It also did a good job of making Howard more sympathetic. You could even see Kim and Jimmy thinking that he wasn’t the arrogant monster they’d built him up as, as he confronted them. Very good stuff.
  18. A real tricky one that's for sure, but for me: 1) The Wire 2) Chernobyl 3) The Shield 4) Breaking Bad 5) Better Call Saul 6) Line of Duty 7) Mr Inbetween 8 )Game of Thrones 9) Band of Brothers 10) The Witcher 11) Mindhunter 12) The Pacific 13) Fargo 14) Black Mirror 15) Unbelievable 16) The Thick of It 17) Peep Show 18) The Detectorists 19) Boardwalk Empire 20) Severance I'm currently watching a few other potentials to go on here (The Expanse being one) but as I'm not even through Season 1 at the moment I will leave it like this.
  19. Minion


    I feel Rafa is ready to retire, his interviews are becoming very much about what the future holds for him. God I love this guy he is such a nice man.
  20. Plus they just extrapolated mid gen console releases from the last gen and ignored… everything.
  21. Saul is too chirpy and self-interested in BB for Kim to be dead. If she had died, then acting the way he does in BB would mean he would have to be utterly heartless and remorseless, which we know he isn't (quite).
  22. TCL are a consumer electronics company. Chinese manufacturer. They make TVs for example (4th biggest by market share globally last year at 8%). So basically... It's in their interest to suggest that everyone is going to need an 8k TV next year.
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