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  2. aes1984

    Pokemon Go

    I need a friend for the special research if someone would like to add me :-) 6677 6469 2157
  3. Not at present I'm afraid, I don't post any many neo related forums anymore. Always the Facebook groups and eBay but .. £expensive
  4. Finally finished with around 60 hours on the clock. Great game, make sure you stay for the credits sequence its fantastic.
  5. I just played 3-1. My wife came in at the start of it and ended up watching me complete it. We both kept smiling at the sheer loveliness of it all. Might be the most charming game I've ever played
  6. I only favourite those with three stars and at least one of the bars maxed out, as this is the equivalent of the old “amazing/wow” appraisal (or whatever the blue/yellow version of that was).
  7. JohnC


    Fire officials now saying 12 dead and some still missing.
  8. Festoon


    Probably some incel cunt.
  9. The first three together are great. After that it gets a bit odd.
  10. JohnC


    Suspect in custody and has admitted doing it. He carried ID indicating he is in his 40s, according to police.
  11. It would be fantastic if it could be made to play on an in-cockpit screen.
  12. Today
  13. Jg15

    Xbox Game Pass

    What's the problem with DR4? I had heard that it was an easier, more toned down version of previous games. I did love the previous installments, especially 3.
  14. @Camel Wow. Indeed, you're right. The more I play it, the more I am pleasantly surprised by Parodius Portable. The presentation is very, very bare bones: the game launches straight into a dull, somewhat quizzical TV-themed menu with no music, but so much care and attention was put into the individual ports themselves. They even got Michiru Yamane (SOTN's composer) to re-score some of the tracks as well. All of the other compilations on the PSP (Gradius Portable, Salamander Portable, and TwinBee Portable) received similar treatment, with one or two games in every compilation being significantly "powered-up," so maybe Konami had somewhat high hopes for these compilations.
  15. JohnC


    Several dead and dozens injured at Kyoto Animation. Someone burst in, spread an unidentified liquid and set fire to the place. More than 70 in the building at the time.
  16. It's serviceable. It's not as good as the Android app but it works.
  17. Another one I'm not really feeling. Reminds me a bit of 'Drill'-era Wire in some way, but the lyrics are still really awkward.
  18. I pre-ordered one. Can always cancel later I suppose.
  19. Hmm, not sure about the wisdom of choosing Eisenhorn. Having read the original trilogy, they would need a big budget to properly realise it (maybe not Game of Thrones big, but certainly not modest either. At least ‘Expanse’ level.) An Inquisitor seems like a natural choice for a tv show, as they’re basically planet hopping detectives, but many 40K worlds are lavish to say the least (in splendour and horror) and you’d be missing out on a core aspect of the universe if you only sort of honoured that. Maybe an Arbites officer, future police to anyone unfamiliar, working a part of the massive hive-world that was once Earth. Or a Rogue Trader, the semi-legitimate smugglers of 40K. An Inquisitor’s story could be superb, but would require a very deft hand to pull it off, and following Eisenhorn gives them little elbow room from the get-go.
  20. I really get the feeling that this is going to be brilliant, and won't it be special to have a 2-player local game for a change?
  21. Welp, I just put in an application for a writing support program. If accepted, I get support for a year from a mentor in finishing off the novel I'm working, and also enough money for me to buy enough leave from work to have one day off a week just to dedicate to writing. Wish me luck.
  22. Yesterday
  23. It sounds like Kyoto Animation is doing things the right way, plus they make awesome anime!* https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/feature/2015-12-02/what-makes-kyoto-animation-so-special/.95559 https://www.japantimes.co.jp/culture/2017/11/02/films/kyoto-anime-studios-dedication-nuturing-talent-leads-big-screen-magic/#.XS-zyXt7k2w *Seriously, check out K-On!, Sound Euphonium and Tamako Market, all heartfelt and often very funny slice-of-life shows that look the business.
  24. I thought this was great, best one in a while for me. I was expecting it to be a bit more hopeful then before but when you see young broken people coming to join looking for a connection it soon becomes clear that this destructive cycle is just going to continue. Also yeah the confrontational scenes made for some awkward moments, a couple of times I think Louis hit below the belt but I'm kind of glad he did in this particular scenario.
  25. yeah but i gave it 9/10 I just found myself in a mood where i had a void and something Frozen-shaped filled it. Don't think as an adventure it progresses imaginatively, there's a lot of generic elements, i was a bit too taken with it.
  26. TehStu

    Pokemon Go

    Has anyone come up with a good naming convention for the new system? I prefer the immediacy of the stars and graph, but also like to name stuff. Or perhaps I should only star 3 star mons and keep it approximate like that.
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