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  2. Yeah! It's bizarre really, it almost encourages this type of behaviour. I think they should change it for next year. Merc are kind of taking the piss with it, but dems the rules as they are right now. Max and Lew getting spicy already and it's just practice. Win number 2 of the year for SP with both of them in the kitty litter?
  3. Pig Hmm. I really wanted to love it. I think I respected it more than I liked it. Nic Cage was great and I think it’s a gutsy screenplay, but it was a bit too gastrobatory and dare I say ultimately dull. Only two and a half bacon rashers for me.
  4. Ok, just finished this. 100%@12:43:45. I didn't find the final boss that difficult, although I had checked a guide.
  5. This makes me feel well thick. Can't even beat Just get my bum kicked
  6. Has the input lag been sorted out yet?
  7. That 720s is about as fast as road cars get, but it looks so slow after watching F1 cars pound round for an hour.
  8. Well it wouldn't be the fastest lap, as he had to go off the track. It's annoying that they cant seem to grasp that.
  9. As a Lewis fanboy, you'll find this impossible to understand, but I don't care who wins.
  10. Looks like the Mercedes pace is not just getting to Max.
  11. Not sure I believe the turnaround that has Perez as the fastest driver. I still think Mercedes are favourite for pole tomorrow with Max an unknown due to him bailing on his soft tyre run.
  12. Either you do surround sound through your headphones or you just use a basic old school bog standard chat headset like this. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/gaming-accessories/gaming-headsets/microsoft-xbox-one-chat-headset-black-21449735-pdt.html I don't know if the other players will get echo, I'd imagine it is depending on volume
  13. Indeed, isn't that three engines in as many races for Valtteri now though? Very odd situation.
  14. 'Who set the fastest legal lap'. So you mean the fastest lap then.
  15. Not as tiresome as your childish comments.
  16. Which feels ass backwards really. What is essentially rule breaking should not come with a bulk buy discount.
  17. Totally, Max's little tantrums are getting tiresome.
  18. So the link above confirms McCree’s name change to Cole Cassidy. I’m not a massive fan of the new name but I understand of course why they did it. I think they should have just dropped his name altogether and called him ‘The Cowboy’ or something.
  19. Can anyone get this link to work or find it on the eshop? https://ec.nintendo.com/GB/en/aocs/70050000027256 It’s this: https://www.dekudeals.com/items/capcom-arcade-stadium-invincibility
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