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  2. Just going to be a few minutes late I'm afraid. Sorry!
  3. It was released about 6 months too early, if they'd held it up it would have had a much better reception, I loved it and have played through it at least 3 times.
  4. Oh! That's good news. Although, confusing news... I can't be trusted to build a bridge, but I can turn the entire island into Waterworld
  5. Hey all, so with the current lockdown, I've decided to busy myself with setting my Playstation Classic up to run my retro collection. I've gone with autoBleem 0.8.5 and I've got everything mostly set up. PS1 games are running fine and I've got a good range of retro machines working just fine through the Retro Arch app. I'm having two last problems which I'm breaking my head trying to fix: 1: The damn thing will not create a Mega Drive or SNES play lists. It goes through the motions of scanning all the ROMS and then... nothing. All my ROMS are zipped but run fine on my various alternative retro machines (Android stand alone emulation apps and OpenEmu on Mac). I have gone as far as to manually create a Mega Drive play list with a few games in and sure enough, that is recognised and the games run fine. I'm not exactly relishing the prospect of manually adding every single MD and SNES ROM in my collection, so if anybody has any better suggestions or ideas on what I'm doing wrong, that would be appreciated. 2: Mega CD and Saturn games will not run. I've tried both pre-installed cores for both systems, the Bios files are okay (at least there's nothing in the log file about missing or problem Bios files, and they're the same Bios files which OpenEmu uses without problem). The ROMS are all in .bin / .cue format, which I've read should be okay, but on launching the ROMS, Retro Arch flips to the black screen, then immediately jumps back to the main menu with an error message, "unable to load content" I think. It's a generic error message though. If anyone can offer any assistance or advice in what to try next, I'd be most grateful. As a more general comment, I'm loving the set up as a whole. Linking the rewind hot key input to the L2 button and then being able to rewind the action has made some of these games a joy to complete again. If I can just get these last two issues resolved, I'd have my retro needs sorted. Thanks in advance for any help offered.
  6. I'm done wasting Nook Miles on Island Tickets, other than that one time I got to Tarantula Island every trip has been pure shite. There's too much cool stuff to spend the miles on now
  7. I have tried this via Zoom screen sharing the PC version on my desktop and it streams OK but no one can hear any sound from the game in the meeting despite having selected Computer Audio from options. Any ideas if I am missing something?
  8. Big WIP but feel free to visit B4MG0 @CovisGod I’ll order a sunbed for you for tomorrow
  9. Well. Season 3 of this was just excellent. Proper tense stuff. It really feels like a successor to Breaking Bad in that all the characters are unlikable pieces of shit who absolutely deserve the worst things happening to them, yet you can't help but root for them. I think it's probably the best show on Netflix at the minute.
  10. What the fuck guys... there will be none of that on this island!
  11. Also, today I unlocked my first golden tool but unfortunately its not the one I would have chosen
  12. I think there's a few moves in the game either intentionally designed or just left in for sequence breaking. The hammer gives you a little boost upwards for example, which can get you to some upgrades before you'd otherwise be able to.
  13. It’s only been 3 weeks in lockdown and we are turning on each other
  14. @ryodi Cherry Blossom petals do all seem to come from normal balloons so when you hear one you need to check if its normal rather than bunny and shoot it down. You wont always get a recipe but they are there. Also you can get several without making all the prior ones, I had a big crafting session the other night and had 5 or 6 unmade cherry blossom ones available to craft for the first time. Note I did make the picnic set right away at the beginning though. Also @moosegrinder Mabel was in my plaza today and the very first time I spoke with here she offered to move in. Finally!! Hmm, I got about 70,000 but only a Rank B. Think it must take into account how many rooms you have as I have all of them Oh and thanks to @b00dles for the parcel in the post, it was one I didnt have!
  15. Had the new UI for the last few days.. and now its vanished, back to the old dashboard with no option to turn it back on....????? WTF?
  16. Any chance I could have a sun bed please?
  17. Just watched the Gamespot review of this and it has some info about the future of Nooks Cranny (endgame spoilers)
  18. Crank? Bad faith? How dare you! But also please don't look at the description of the game on the PS Store, huge spoilers: it calls it a "re-imagining". Clearly written by some petulant, sad little bastards trying to ruin the game for all the fans out there.
  19. I’m playing this on Hurt Me Plenty and it feels the right level for me; a few goes to get the flow of the combat arenas and and I’m good to go. I was worried about this at the start as it seemed so tricky with all the moves, but now when I get into the flow it feels sublime. I live the quiet breaks for puzzles and exploring too, the whole thing feels super polished and much more rounded than the 2016, which I felt had too much repetition at the end. Loving this!
  20. I’m glad people are buying Kine, because I wanted to but often when I’m the only forumite buying something it’s a bad decision:)
  21. I’m still trying to decide which console to buy it for. Bone makes most sense, as I have most of the other doom games on it. PS4 is a kind of side thought, to HAVE something to play, and Switch seems like a good fit if I want to play it outside, on the move. except there is no outside anymore... of maybe I can just dig out my n64.
  22. Yeah, being player 2 definitely has some serious downsides, I'm with you on that. Good news though, you can absolutely do terraforming as p2!
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