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  2. It got so much worse when Jeff started talking about that new DBZ game! So much worse! It's always fun hearing Jeff explain in a fun way why a shitty game is so shitty, but at one point Ben is interrupting him literally (and I mean that LITERALLY) every other word! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  3. The Under Presents does take a lot of experimentation and getting into, but it's a great experience once you do. Really inventive and pretty much unlike anything I've ever played before.
  4. Using aggregate review site RT as an indicator: Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan's last collaboration has a RT score of 75% and audience score of 63% positive. Jason Reitman has an inconsistent record, with 4-5 strong writer-director movies under his belt coming in at 80-90% RT aggregate. But in 2014 he had a couple of bombs. However, this also has the OG team and Ivan Reitman involved. Paul Rudd has a pretty incredible hit ratio. Out of his last 20 movies, 16 were rated fresh. So statistically the odds are it won't be a turkey, however GB16 did pretty well on aggregate reviews, because aside from the controversy it was a reasonably entertaining Feig comedy. That said, a lot of people don't think it's shit. So... it you think "It's going to be shit. Let's face it" probably means you're going to think it's shit.
  5. It's on PC so I don't see why they don't port it to Xbox One and PS4.
  6. I've pinged Friend 2, and he can read the thread He's happy to join our session on Sunday too! Have offered to help with character building, etc as well and I can also help @Nathan Wind if he wants it. Happy with Milestone levelling and genuinely happy with any campaign. My wee dwarf laddie is just out for adventure. Doesn't really care what or how, but is interested in smooshing stuff up! It's exciting. I think I'll roll for stats, but given I'll be up front for the first time in any campaign ever, I'm definitely not leaving my HP up to chance, I'll be taking the average, I don't think Ari rolled higher than a 4 the entire last campaign for her HP.
  7. We're going to miss you complaining about the same thing every week.
  8. i booted up the Under and didnt know what to do except click my fingers. So I beat my best score at pistol whip instead AAAAIIIOOOOOEEEEEE
  9. Hexx

    The Good Place

    Bad news - next week is the last one!
  10. Surprisingly good, as others have said. Though it did niggle to see 2009 Star Trek Romulans as opposed to TNG ones. Just felt distracting and unnecessary. Also... Either make this 100% the prime timeline or set it elsewhere.
  11. I've been off sick over the last week and half and have watched nearly all of these. Really enjoyed them (have a couple more episodes before I catch up to the weekly releases). Certainly a refreshing show. Chidi and Eleanors story line is great and like done have already posted - that note from Chidi really got me. I've definitely softened since having children.
  12. Mogster

    Outer Wilds

    That just highlights what I was saying, where if something feels overly tricky then you're probably doing it wrong.
  13. Been watching Sacriels stream today. He gave a great tip. Loot and pick up everything, drop the stuff you dont want. You will gain the loot xp for your character. When you level that to 50 you can search two things at once. For example a backpack and a rig.
  14. Only a nagging sense of self-loathing. (Summoning in this game is the best; being summoned is even better. Go back and help some other poor souls for a while)
  15. Ok its more than a minute but fuck you, BF1 is the best FPS ever made. and there is so much awesome in this vid nd there i
  16. The Hell are back with a new EP
  17. Polygon put up a load out guide which was not very good and the internet did what the internet does.
  18. So this is out next week. Explore an alien planet from first person perspective, deal with its wildlife, craft new gear and find a way to leave. Do it with another player in online co-op if you want. Basically, it's kind of like Metroid Prime, but more colouful and silly. Price is £25.
  19. He hates my daughter and thinks she's a rapist.
  20. I far prefer what we got with Rise of the Skywalker to what's outlined with Duel of the Fates. It would be cool if it was made into a graphic novel though! I'd read that.
  21. So up to chapter 3 and this is amazing, beautiful, terrifying, boring, insane, nonsensical and many other things all wrapped in to one. I'm just not really sure of any of it at the moment. But, but, but there is a pull to keep going.
  22. Miner Willy


    Yeah, that was pretty tense. There's something about Millman that makes him really uncomfortable for Fed. Even when he was on top it didn't feel at all comfortable. Great match! Just hope it hasn't taken too much out of him.
  23. Kylo wanting to be redeemed but never allowing it *himself* is where they should have went - that was probably the best bit in TFA, when he is talking to his Dad, both interpreting what he's saying in different ways.
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