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  2. I said something similar in the PS5 thread: The thing is, I’m not sure if 60fps can really be marketed in the same way that higher resolutions can; on the other hand, as resolutions increase the differences may be less noticeable to the average consumer...
  3. Hours and hours more of those for you!
  4. Yep. I've even got gamecube games that have held their value, or more.
  5. It’s still two extra players dragging their heels as they come off though, innit?
  6. I see. So you can only make 5 subs over the course of 3 “interruptions” in play?
  7. It's still only three opportunities to do it as now which means there won't be much more time wasting than there is now.
  8. I bought Control in the previous sale, immediately fearing that it would subsequently turn up on Game Pass. Instead I ended up regretting not getting it full price when it was new - it's that good. It's Remedy back on form. Better than ever even.
  9. I mentioned in the chat on Monday I raised my feet / pedals on my play seat challenge. Initially, I just put something under the pedals to raise, but wanted something more permanent (and less damaging to my old ammo box) so I bought a piece of aluminium box section and a couple of brackets... I tried a couple of different things to get the height right for me, I wanted stability over adjustability though It still folds up, the brackets aren’t tight against the frame, though could be by adding some rubber or similar as a sim. The base of the aluminium has a rubber foam on it to protect the floor. It’s nice and stable, feels great.
  10. One of the great things with first party Switch games is that if you buy a physical copy second hand, it’s almost guaranteed you’ll be able to sell it on for what you paid for it no matter how long you’ve had it for. Even if you buy it new you’ll only lose a few quid.
  11. Well, two hours in (of actual gameplay, that is) and, though I'm prepared for it to end up more or less anywhere, for now this is pretty much the properly systemic walking simulator I've kinda always dreamed about. The cutscenes are simply awful though, with clanking dialogue and visibly bemused actors. I wish I had the resolution to just skip them, but then figuring out the plot is all part of the game, I guess!
  12. Yeah, I've bought too. Kunos can take my money for whatever DLC they throw out. ACC is incredible. Yep, the server will allow any car types at the moment (I had to copy a new config file up, so I could see the option in the new one where this is set). I quickly jumped in the Maserati and joined the server, to test that it was back up and running. So all good I think. I'll just configure it with the full race weekend and do some testing at some stage prior to the race though; just to test that everything is fine since the update. There's a new server manual too, so it'll be interesting to see if there is anything new that I can do with the server.
  13. Huz

    The Thick Of It

    I'm gonna have to bite... who is Pants McSkill?
  14. Early birthday surprise got the Japanese one. It’s great! Chew Man Fu is the most accessible so far. It’s like a little door into an alternative past reality.
  15. Can you get thirteen doctors? Free game on the website :- https://www.doctorwho.tv/games/thirteen
  16. Also, just imagine the seven shades of shite the hammer throwers will be able to kick out of their opposition by tactically subbing players on yellows. Say they get 5 bookings, they’ll then be able to swap them out for another bunch of cloggers to continue the treatment. Oh man.
  17. Oof. Imagine all the time wasting substitutions in the final 10 minutes if one team’s defending a narrow lead. I’m not up for this at all. It’s a complete game changer and as has been noted, favours the clubs with the deepest squads and resources, potentially furthering the gap between them and the others. Shite decision by FIFA.
  18. I have about 48 games installed, I have 5tb total storage, and am at 33%
  19. Another great review, and more money on the e-shop. (Loving the screen shots).
  20. There's a suit mod you can get/make that shows up the secret ones when you're close to them, on the mini-map.
  21. Was that the sad tale of the grossbart brothers? It was a reference to a book and the bounty hunter was a jango fett reference. I assume if you know the book it’s more meaningful...but as with you I was just left perplexed.
  22. I've decided to lob my £18 in the ring and have bought the GT4 DLC. Hopefully I'll get some more practice time on the server for Silverstone tonight - so far my laptimes have been fairly horrible. I read that the GT4s are about 8 seconds a lap slower. So about the same pace as I'm doing in the GT3 right now then Is the server set up to allow any car types, or is it limited to GT3s? At this point Im still learning the course... so probably doesnt matter what car I do it in!
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