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  2. Never even heard of that before. I’ll give it a go.
  3. Me and child #2 had our first game fo Mordheim on Saturday, him taking Reikland, me dwarves. Had a lot of fun, enough so I used some birthday money to order some specific scenery.
  4. I was the same when I subbed. I don't really get the appeal, it's a service full of games I feel like I didn't pay for so the desire to play them just isn't there. I mainly used it to save me switching discs of stuff I already owned.
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  6. Not me. Problem is I’m working. I cant be up in the middle of the night if one becomes free. Amazon will email me if one comes up, but I don’t know if I’ll notice on time if I’m busy or asleep.
  7. I live in Japan now, and every day I wake up resentful of the fact that I live here in a time of worldwide simultaneous releases. In six years, I think I had Smash Bros 3DS and Pokémon Sun two weeks early. That's it. I long for the times when Super Mario Sunshine came out in early July in Japan (you know, Sunshine when the sun.. shines, it makes sense) rather than in the middle of October. Heck, I'd happily stab all you westerners in the back, and have it like the 90s where some games and hardware just flat out didn't come out anywhere else but Japan. I'd sit and play
  8. It’s going better. I’m now king of Ireland at 66. I have a pretty big army. My wives have given me five additional children, and my second son, Spam 1 is my Spymaster with an intrigue of 21 (thanks to sending him to be guarded by my third wife). I’ve squashed a peasant revolt, I tried to seduce a knight I couldn’t afford to invite to court and failed because I fell off his trellis, I was wooed by an old bat called Brunissenda and she ended up my soulmate, and I’m waiting for my useless fucking Archbishop to snuff it (he’s eighty fucking two ffs). I’ve got a couple of u
  9. Word. Replaying VF5 in Judgment did remind me why I've always been more of a Sega guy rather than a Namco one when it came to arcade games. To me Sega were the arcades in the late 90s/early 2000s. The more recent games in the Yakuza series capture that brilliantly. And none more so than Judgment.
  10. I'm playing this at the moment as well - not on hard though, normal only, my abilities in (combat) games are no great shakes. The camera has caused me a bit of gyp in some fights, follows you around sometimes so you can't see where there enemy is , directional markers notwithstanding. When I originally played it I gave up after the 1st confrontation with Baldur(?) , multi stage boss fight with an irritating shit that early in the game annoyed the crap out of me, restarted it and pushed past it , great decision, it's a wonderful game and some of the set pieces are eye boggling.
  11. Funnily enough my 6 year old decided today was the day to start asking questions. Hearing him have a go at pronouncing the drivers’ names was nice. Is no one going to talk about the fact Hamilton still had a tyre over the white line on the final corner of the lap he had deleted in qualifying? How do mistakes like that slip through?
  12. That makes me want to fire up the old Motorstorm games. They were great!
  13. So, where can I find the new trailer of Elden Ring ?
  14. It needs to be turned into an amiibo. Or at least have a new BotW Link amiibo with the little guy next to him.
  15. Mario Galaxy HD is worth the price of admission alone in this most blatant of cash-grabs - imo. Which is just as well, as I still can't get into Sunshine at all. Same as 17 years ago. Not being able to use the Switch GC controllers only adds insult to injury, as I instantly missed the satisfaction of the analogue FLUDD control. Which reminded me how odd the GC library always seemed to me in that its best games didn't include a proper Mario platform game. I might give it some more time, but by the time I'm through with Galaxy, the sublime 2nd one might already be available.
  16. I wish the hover/alt nozzles were a permanent, separate button of their own rather than on a toggle tbh. Finding Sunshine pretty frustrating at times after enjoying a 120 Star playthrough of 64. There's a load of narrow, vertical platforming in the early stages and it's tedious to trek back following failure. Some other sections are also needlessly punitive (collecting red coins while surfing squid results in lives lost if you collide with anything). It can still be fun but its definitely less immediately enjoyable.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Plus, clearing the game is kind of where the journey really begins.. Or so it seems, from what I've read. Nearly had last boss today, had an amazing bow build on the go. I've got a mirror talent that gives 20% chance of epic boons, and I hit the motherlode. Almost everything I found was epic! Had hangover on special, which was insane when used up close. Got two daedalus upgrades which made things interesting - one which improved normal attack damage at close range (and reduce overall distance arrows travelled) and another which removed power shot, but all
  19. Watched the first two episodes of this tonight, incredibly silly but really good fun.
  20. So I finally got to finish this after it reappeared on sky box sets. Really loved it. Episode 8 was wonderful. But so was 5. Incredible TV. But. Did they really have to smash us over the head quite so brutally with the exposition in the last episode? edit: hang on, are spoilers knackered?
  21. I know I’m old and all that but the writing is too fecking small on the Switch portable screen
  22. American Made I'm usually a bit of a Cruise phobic but when he gets the right film he is the best guy for the job. This is one of those films. True life story of a TWA pilot intercepted for some light Cuban cigar smuggling by the CIA who are looking for a pilot for a bit of covert action. Cruise is subsequently hired to fly over various Central and South American countries taking photos (at first) with word from his handler that they will turn a blind eye to any profits he might make on the side. Sure enough he ends up running missions for the CIA (photos, guns, bribes
  23. Have you looked at the fabulous Hades? Its an action game, but had a lot of the same make-the-most-of-random-upgrades feeling
  24. Not me. I’m signed up for all the alerts at Stock Informer and the individual websites, so we’ll see. Thanks for thinking of us hapless shoppers.
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